Commodore Motel – Locally Owned & Operated by Rick & Nicola

We want our home at the Commodore Motel to feel like your home during your stay with us, and we take pride in presenting our guests with clean, modern and comfortable accommodation in Dunedin. We aim to make your time with us enjoyable, relaxing, warm, and welcoming.

“We truly embrace local in our motel rooms and in the atmosphere around the Motel, we love Dunedin and hope to share that with you with through warm, friendly, and personable service to make your stay with us as stress free as possible”

Rick & Nicola Meder

The Commodore Motel – Dunedin

The Commodore Motel is truly family owned, operated and a 100% Dunedin Motel, a home for Nicola and Rick since 2002.  

Rick’s family built the Motels way back in 1985 – starting with one block, then adding the second block in 1996.

Rick and Nicola are both Dunedin-ites through and through, born and raised in wonderful Otepoti and during their time at the Motel, they have raised three children. Between the motel and the children Nicola and Rick have been kept on their toes.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to view photos of Rick’s family when the project began, building photos and the rooms in the 80s.

Dunedin-ites through and through

When they are not working at the Motel, they spend a lot of time at the Hockey Turf or on the Golf Course.

They are the ultimate hockey and golfing family. If time permits, they will sometimes take to the hills for hiking and tramping in our beautiful country.

Murals / Wall Art

Local Dunedin Artist Frank Gordan

During our first lockdown in March/April 2020 and all of a sudden having a business, but no business, was a time for us at the Commodore to reset. After 19 years at the Motel and being so busy with day-to-day operations and raising 3 children, we had no idea of what we wanted our Motel to represent.

As a 100% Dunedin local family run business we decided we wanted to focus locally and be more invested in Dunedin. We like the street art that local Dunedin Artist Frank Gordan has done around the city. We reached out to Frank and commissioned him to paint 3 murals on walls around the Motel representing ‘local’. These include a map of the neighbourhood, the Otago Peninsula and an attractions map of the wider Dunedin area.  They are amazing and we just love having our murals at the Motel – we hope to have more coming soon.

Photos of Commodore Motel when it Began, Back in the 80s